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Why Organising a Virtual Europan Inter-Sessions Forum?

Every session, Europan organizes the Inter-Sessions Forum in a different European city. In 2018, 400 people participated in the one organised in Brussels. Today, the pandemic forces us to hold an entirely virtual Europan 15 / Europan 16 Inter-Sessions Forum, from 18 to 22 January 2020! A brand-new experience for Europan!

We have not changed the goal of the Forum, which is –as the title indicates– to bring together the players of two sessions: representatives of the E15 and E16 cities, E15 winning teams, experts and organizers. And to have them exchange and debate on what Europan makes possible: winning projects from the previous session, potential sites for the next session, and a series of implementation processes that show that Europan is not only a competition of ideas, but also –and above all– successful process-projects turning innovative ideas into implementations.

With a redesigned Forum adapted to virtual reality, a dynamic streaming event on 4.5 days, a digital platform for information, registration and exchange for participants, more than a hundred speakers, multiple videos and shorter, yet varied debates, and a chat room for questions from the public to the speakers, we hope that this Forum will hold your attention with its interactivity.

No need to be a Europan insider to participate! The Forum is free and open to anyone with an interest in architecture, urban and landscape design. Only three mornings –on 19, 20 and 21 January 2021, dedicated to the E16 sites, still under development– will be reserved for the site representatives, the organizers and the E15 winning teams.

Discover the program and register on our digital platform!